Landscape Cleanup South Fulton

Lawn & Landscape Cleanups

Lawns and landscapes need cleaning just like the inside of your home does!

Cleanup services include:

  • Trimming plants back into shape
  • Fallen limb/yard waste removal
  • Leaf cleanup

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Availability Note: We only offer landscape cleanup services before and after the mowing season.

Lawn Cleaning/Leaf Removal

Most lawns remain clean because the process of lawn mowing usually handles the task.

In the fall, if your lawn has too many leaves that fall or blow into your lawn, the lawn mowing service alone may not be enough to remove or mulch them up proficiently.  We offer a leaf removal service for lawns in need.  Our leaf removal service can include mulching the leaves up in your lawn until they disappear or we can physically remove the leaves.  Fallen limbs and other yard waste found in the lawn will also be removed at this time.

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Shrub Pruning Near Me

Landscape Cleanups

Landscape cleanups come in all sizes!  We perform large and small landscape cleanups in South Fulton and nearby.

Typically a landscape cleanup service will include pruning plants to their desired size and shape along with cutting back any perennials or ornamental grasses in need.  All clippings are collected and removed from your property.

We can also remove dead or overgrown plants and clean up any yard waste or leaves that may be congregating in your landscape beds.

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