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Landscaping – Mulch, Pine Straw, & Decorative Rock

Let us spruce up your landscaping with fresh mulch, pine straw, or decorative rock.  Save your back and use ours!

Material Options:

  • Mulch – traditional bed covering
  • Pine Straw – southern-style bed covering
  • Decorative Rock – low-maintenance bed covering

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Availability Note: We only offer our landscaping services before the mowing season begins.

We also offer landscape cleanup services before and after the mowing season.

Why should I install mulch or pine straw?

Mulch and pine straw both offer a curb appeal factor.  The #1 reason you should have mulch or pine straw installed in your landscape beds is because of the visual appeal.

Along with looking very nice, mulch and pine straw also help retain moisture in the soil for your plants and can suppress some weeds from entering your beds.  Weeds are weeds because they do not need much to grow!  No matter which bed covering you choose, staying on top of the weeds will be required.  We do apply a pre-emergent herbicide before installing mulch or pine straw to further reduce the number of future weeds entering your flower beds.

P.S. You may also need a weed treatment service for your flower beds on a monthly basis to keep them at bay.

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Decorative Rock Landscaping

Is decorative rock right for me?

Decorative rock is always an option to replace mulch or pine straw as the bed covering.

The main difference between decorative rock and mulch or pine straw is that rock doesn’t break down over time.  Since the original rock installed in your beds will last for years to come, not just 1 season, it is very appealing to some.

Decorative rock will come with a higher upfront cost because the material cost more and weed barrier fabric needs to be installed to keep the rock and soil beneath separated.  The long-term cost savings will make up for the higher initial cost because you won’t have to have it done each year like you would with rock or pine straw.

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